Leadership Team

Rev. Barbara Jones, Pastor
Pastor Barbara came in August of 2000, being led of the Lord to come once weekly to pray. Through prayer she was directed to lead two non-profit ministries located on the property and then to become the pastor in August of 2001. 

She and her husband have been serving the Lord together for over 45 years.  Their three sons and families are vitally involved in building the kingdom of God in other areas of Ft. Worth.


Brandy Hernandez
Brandy came to us in June of 2004.  She left her family, her home, her ministry, and all her belongings to follow the Lord.  A single women from a sheltered environment , God led her to marry Tino in 2008,  a young man who was saved through our ministry out of a life of gangs and crime.  Tino had two sons when they married. 

Brandy and Tino now have a family of 6, not including all the youth and children  who have found a refuge at their home. They are a bright light for Jesus Christ all over East Ft. Worth.

Brandy leads the youth cell groups.

Roy Medrano
Roy was saved as a youth but he left our church because he had not been  discipled.  His life went the wrong way and then spiraled down into all the vices that were rampant in “The Hood”.  But in 2004,  he walked back into the church and in February of 2005 he was saved.  Roy is a whole new person.  He is known far and wide as a powerful man of God.  He and his sons are a great blessing to ChristCity Church. 

Roy leads the men’s cell group.

Geraldine Johnson
Geraldine attended this church for many years but she did not have a vital relationship with Jesus Christ.  When conviction came to her heart because of the life that she was living, she gave her heart to the Lord. She testifies often to the power of Christ that has delivered her from all sin and given her boldness to witness and proclaim the gospel.

Geraldine leads a women’s cell group.