Our Ministry Strategy


Believers meeting to pray is the top priority of our church.  Jesus said his temple must be a house of prayer for all nations. 

Since the 10 days of prayer leading up to Pentecost has become the pattern for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the New Covenant church, we believe our God ordained position in ministry is on our knees.

Everything this world needs is found in Jesus Christ and is released through those who have the faith and love to persist until God responds.


We are not commanded to do anything in building the church except to make disciples.  The way this comes about is by reproducing ourselves.  We give clear testimony to our life changing experience with Jesus Christ, tell others how to be saved, lead them in the steps of repentance, baptism, and receiving the Holy Spirit.  Then we connect them to the life of the church while continuing to be accountable to lead them in their spiritual growth by teaching them everything Jesus commanded.

 Jesus said he would be with us in this process and we can testify that he is. We have reproduced to the 4th generation in our church.  In other words we have great grandchildren in the kingdom.


Isaiah 62 says that the City where God dwells is like Jerusalem after the 70 year exile.  It is full of life with the temple at its center.  There is joy in its streets.  Darkness no longer prevails for the City is bright with the presence of Christ.