Hello! I am Pastor Barbara. Thank you for viewing our website. Let me introduce you to our ministry. 

ChristCity is more than a name. It is our vision.  We earnestly pray that our city will be known by the presence and power of Jesus Christ. 

We have been known as “The Hood” in the past but that has changed.  Christ is transforming our hearts and our streets.  Many drug houses have closed.  Only a few addicts roam the streets where for years they were everywhere.  The crime rate has plummeted.   

Several years ago, we opened discipleship homes for women and men, ministering to many.   But now our focus is raising up godly families.  Our three homes house radical disciples of Jesus Christ.  The challenge is to help all our families navigate the difficulties of living for Christ on the same turf where they followed the enemy in the darkness. 

Nothing is too hard for God.  We preach the plain New Testament gospel of power over sin and darkness and bold witnesses for Christ are rising up.

We have a beautiful and specious building where we gather for prayer, praise,  and fellowship centered on the preaching of the Word of God.  Nearly everyone who visits comments that they literally experience the presence and power of God when they enter.  

“We have a strong city; God makes salvation its walls and ramparts.’’  Isaiah 26:1

Rev. Barbara Jones